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Friday, 10 August 2012

The Flipped classroom, adaptable for primary?

This is a very interesting little JPG that I came across during my morning Facebook patrol. It was posted on the British Council website and talks of how we could turn the classroom inside out, so that effectively the class is studied home online via web and the homework is done in the classroom.

Now, how could this be implemented into an ESL classroom, and a primary one at that? The only way one could really integrate this would be to give students an opportunity to see vocabulary beforehand. Being such young students, self study is still not applicable, however by proving flashcard cards, games and word games, one could facilitate language acquisition.

Another benefit to this method is that allows students who are sick to not miss out on any valuable vocabulary, or those who go on holiday during term time(which frequently happens in Spain). I also feel it's a great tool for parents who have very little knowledge of English, as they can learn at the same time as their child. This is a issue I have heard many a time during parent-teacher conferences.

If anyone has any other idea on how this could work within the ESL classroom, please let me know!

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