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Monday, 30 July 2012

Phonics are hot news....

At the moment in the UK, the teaching of phonics is big, big news. Here in Spain, as children learn Spanish technically before english, the use of phonics is not as necessary as you generally say what you see. However, now that the Spanish Government has implemented the importance of bilingualism in their primary schools, it is becoming increasingly more important the use of phonics within the primary classroom. I have seen that students who enter in Primary who have previously studied the "Jolly Phonics" structure have better pronunciation, and are more able to sight read. Instead of them memorising a word, they are more capable of breaking the sound down thus allowing them more freedom within their learning. Finding a good app that allows teaching phonics in a fun and dynamic manner is quite difficult, however Twinkl has designed an innovative new app for the iPad and Android devices (of which I have neither - YET) which allows teachers to bring more interactive ways of studying phonics back into the classroom. Here you can find the link to their sneak preview, and I for one am quite excited, and am putting away a few pennies, I think I may need an iPad!


  1. Thanks for the twinkl mention! Spanish is quite different to learn for children I imagine, as most pronunciations are phonetic whereas English has so many more "tricky" words. It's great that the Spanish government is promoting bilingualism, hopefully one day that will be the case in the UK :)

  2. We can only hope! It means though in Spain, us "natives" are in high demand! Musn't grumble!