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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

ICT in ESL teaching

So, I got thinking today... "how important is the use of ICT in ESL teaching? Having never my own classroom computer and still use a chalkboard, such luxuries have never been available to me. Granted, I've got all the ICT resources provided by the editorials, but they have hardly ever been used. I started to wonder if my students would have made more progress had they the opportunity to such media? I use my laptop every single day of my life and make my own resources and flashcards from it so I often ofter could language learning and acquisition be reinforced through this media? I would love to know if anyone has idea regarding what kind of activities are available and productive?

Sunday, 28 August 2011

My favourite resource website: Teachers Pet

During all the years I have been a teacher, it has become increasingly more easy to find free resources such as activities and classroom decoration. As many teachers will have suffered the loss of the now infamous "sparklebox", for reasons we all know, finding a replacement has been a long and slow process. The Best website that I have come across is Teachers Pet . Their classroom decorations are beautifully designed and straight to the point as they often create resources that teachers have personally requested (myself included) They also have a subscription based activities site which is fantastic and great value for money. I am a subscriber and share the account with my colleagues. They have even branched into some great MFL resources!

New Blog!! First Post

Hi Hi!! Well, finaly I have gotten this blog up and running. It's taken its time but I am finally going to be able to share all the products/websites and ideas that I come across on my travels. I, hopefully, will write about my personal teaching experiences with the hope that I can share ideas or even receive them as teachers, as great as we are, sometimes do run dry on the original idea front! I already have a massive list but I don't know where to start. Websites that do flashcards, printables, posters, name it, I've found it. I'm so excited to get started! Oh, and AUPA PUCELA by the way!